Canon Printer Error E13

The Canon Printer Error E13 grows on the monitor screen when the cartridge ink runs out. When this issue emerges, the printer shall terminate all printing operations and won’t take up any printing or scanning task.

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What are the causes of Error Code E13?

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  • Ink runs out in the cartridge.
  • Not checking ink cartridges from time to time.
  • Using a cartridge with low ink and not replacing it in time.

How to solve your Canon Printer Error E13?

To fix error code E13, we have explained it in the simplest way so that you can Resolve Printer Error Codes.

  1. Turn off the ink gauge but Don’t click on cancel printing.
  2. After that, it displays the error message.
  3. Tap these buttons for a few seconds until the error message changes.
  4. After that, your printer will automatically switch off.
  5. Then wait for a few seconds, and then switch on your printer.
  6. The cartridge’s LED light will have a ‘yellow’ color blink.
  7. Now Your Canon printer will start working properly.