Canon Printer Error P10

Canon printer error P10 is caused by a paper jam or paper stuck inside the printer. This is the most common problem due to which we can face this error. The main causes and solutions of this problem are given below.

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Canon Printer Error P10- Causes

  • The printer roller is covered with dust.
  • Due to paper jam.

How do you resolve the Error P10 ?

  1. Turn off the canon printer and press the power button.
  2. Hold the power button and press the “Reset” button simultaneously.
  3. Now release the stop/reset button now you have to release the power button twice.
  4. After completing the above steps you’ve to wait for a while until the LED light is turned on.
  5. Finally, you’ve done above steps successfully.
  6. If you see a jammed paper inside the printer then open the printer cover and remove the jammed paper carefully.
  7. If you see dust on the paper roller then clean the dust using cotton or clean piece of cloth.
  8. And again set the paper roller inside the printer.
  9. Now, Try to print out something whether the error is resolved or not.
  10. If not, then contact to the experts through emails or interact them with the help of service number.

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