Double Space Between Paragraphs

When writing a school essay or work account report, you should choose line spacing for each written work. Most people prefer writing with double line spacing because it is easier for readers to follow a passage of text. The distance formatting method depends on the word processing program used. Double the space in your work by setting the correct parameters for the entire document as a selected amount of text.

Double Spacing in Microsoft Word

  1. Open the document you are working with. If you’re planning to do the whole thing and haven’t started writing yet, it may be a blank page.

2. Make the default settings to ensure that the entire document is double-spaced.

  • Take a look at the style group on the toolbar. On the Home tab, right-click Normal. When the menu appears, click Change.
  • Find the format prompt and click the Double Space button.
  • Click the OK button. This places the entire document in a double space format.

3. Create an area in the document where you want to double the distance. It can be part of the text in a remote document or something with many spaces.

  • Highlight the text for which you want to double the space.
  • Click Line Spacing and Spacing, which appears in the paragraph group on the Home tab.
  • Click on option 2.0. This doubles the space in the document area that you are marking.

Double Spacing in WordPerfect Programs

  • Use the Line Spacing or Leading feature in Wordperfect to create a double space between lines in the entire document or just a section.

Click the Format button. The Line menu appears. Click Line and then Line Spacing.

  • Enter 2.0 in the Spaces box that appears. Instead of offering several options, Wordperfect will ask you to create your own line spacing value. A value of 2.0 means twice the distance.
  • Note that double spaces appear in any part of the text positioned with the cursor.
  • To double the distance across the document, place the cursor at the top of the page. Everything can be twice the distance until you set it to another, such as 1.0 for distance.

Double Spacing in Google Docs

  • Open Google Docs in a web browser. Log in to your account if you are not automatically logged in, and find a summary of your documents on Google.
  • Click the text document from the list for which you want to duplicate space.
  • Click Create New when you create a new document and want to use a double space.
  • Select the area of ​​text where you want to duplicate the space by highlighting it. To create an entire document, or to create a new document, hold down the Control key (Ctrl) with the A key.