What is Browser in Computer?

“A web browser, or simply ‘browser,’ is an application used to access and view websites.  (e.g., through a cable modem, a direct Ethernet connection, or Wi-Fi). 

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 The primary function of a web browser is to render HTML, the code used to design or ‘mark up’ webpages”

What is a Default Browser?

  • Go to the website or click on the browser above you want to download –
  • Click on the download button
  • The .exe file will be downloaded in the PC
  • Double click on file and follow the instructions to install the web browser.

How to Download these Web Browser Application in Computer?

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When user open the web browser for the first time, it load the homepage. Once you open you can enjoy internet with hyperlink. Or search whatever you want.

What Things you Need for a Browser to Work?

  • One device which have internet connection like computer, smartphone, tablet.
  • Internet Connection

6 Types of Browser Errors While Loading Web Pages

Certificate Error

An SSL certificate error or security certificate error indicates a problem with HTTPS encryption. You’ll only see this error when connecting to a website using HTTPS.

Phishing and Malware Warnings

Your browser will also display phishing (or “web forgery”) and malware warnings. Whether you use Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, your browser regularly downloads a list of dangerous websites. When you attempt to connect to a website on this list, you’ll see an error message.

404 Not Found

You may see a variety of web server messages when accessing web pages. The most common one is “404 Not Found,” which means you’re trying to access a page that doesn’t exist. Either the web page was removed or you were typing in an address and mistyped it.

Customized Error Pages

Website owners can customize the 404 Not Found and other error pages on their websites. For example, here at How-To Geek, we have a special 404 Page Not Found error inspired by classic Mario games. These errors mean the same thing, but they’re generally customized to be more friendly and help you find what you’re looking for.

Server Not Found

A “Server not found” error in Firefox or “Google Chrome could not find [website.com]” message indicates that your browser could not find the website you’re trying to access.

Unable to Connect

The “Unable to connect” error in Firefox or “Google Chrome could not connect to [website.com]” message looks similar to the “Server not found” message above, but each means something different.

Common Web Browser Features

  • A home button– which, when choose, through this a user to a pre-defined homepage.
  • Address bar, allows users to enter a web address and visit a website.

In the example below, we’ve typed computersolve.com into the address bar.

What is Address Bar?

  • Back and forward buttons– which takes the user to the previous or next page on which they are located.
  • Refresh– button that can be used to reload the webpage.
  • Stop– the button that stops web communication with the web server stops the page from loading.
  • Tabs– allows users to open multiple websites in one window.

Tip – The shortcut key to open new tab in most browsers is Ctrl+N.

  • Bookmarks– allowing the user to select specific, predefined user websites.

Here we mentioned all the information about the web browser.. Let us know if you still find any issue in the comment section below.