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GIF is an image format, which works for the exchange of images. This is a popular format graphics. This format was revised in 1989. (GIF89a), support transparency and animation has been added. But unlike JPG or PNG, it actually consists of multiple frames, so if you want to extract all the frames from an animated GIF, CleverPDF provides a super handy tool for your needs.

Easy, Fast Image Converter :

It only takes a few clicks to complete the conversion. Just add gif file, click start and you will get a zip file, unzip it then you will get all images within gif in png format keeping the original image quality.

Extract all frames from GIF to PNG :

There are some GIF to PNG converters that simply convert an animated GIF to a single-frame PNG. CleverPDF quickly extracts all the frames to PNG files. So you can see all the frames and choose any frame for your purpose.

Secure Online Image Converter :

The files you uploaded and converted files will be automatically deleted 30 minutes after they are processed. They will not be shared with any third party. File transfer is via secure SSL connection, your privacy is protected with us.

How to convert GIF to PNG ?

  1. Choose a file
    Select the GIF file to convert by uploading it from your computer or a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also drag-and-drop your file into the box to upload it. Once you’ve done that, our free* online tool will begin converting your GIF file to a PNG image.

2. Download or send link by email
When your GIF has been converted to a PNG, access your PNG file by downloading it to your computer. Another way that Soda PDF allows you to access your file is by emailing you a link that will allow you to access your file for 24 hours. Be sure to access your newly converted GIF to PNG image within a 24-hour window to see how well our free tools work.

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Quality Control
For a number of reasons, it can be much easier to distribute a PNG than to distribute a GIF. A PNG file can be compressed without losing its original quality. This means that, although the size of the image is reduced, its quality remains the same! When you convert GIF to PNG you will have a good quality image whether the file size is the same or not.

Better Color
We weren’t kidding about PNG replacing GIF! PNGs support a larger range of colors than GIFs, which makes them better for color images. If some colors were not able to be depicted in your GIF image, they will appear in your newly converted PNG image. Why not convert your image file to PNG if that means more colors available!

PNG files support transparency in the browser, which is great if you want your web background to be visible through your image. There are many benefits to having an image with a transparent background. Maybe you are working on a project that requires you to use an image where the background is not needed. Access to an image with no background can be very useful in many cases. When that happens, Soda PDF is for you. Convert many image file formats to PNG to access the image you want with a transparent background.

Our free online tools allow you to convert a single file to many different formats. You can convert various file formats to a PDF, convert a file to PDF and even convert an image file to PNG, GIFS, JPG and BMP. Our PNG converter allows to convert a JPG image, GIF image and BMP image to PNG in no time. If you don’t want to convert an image file, you can also use our tools to convert many other document formats to and from PDF. File size limits may apply.

Difference Between PNG and GIF

GIF and PNG are two different types of formats used to store images.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. The extensions used to store images in this format are .gif and .gfa. It uses lossless compression algorithm and supports 8-bit color.

It stands for Portable Network Graphics. For PNG images, the extension used is .png. It also uses a lossless compression algorithm.


  • It stands for Graphics Interchange Format.
  • It supports animation.
  • MIME type is image/gif.
  • The file size is generally less.
  • It supports one bit transparency in images.
  • The extensions used are .gif and .gfa.
  • Mostly used when animations are needed.
  • It offers a limited color range of 256 colors.
  • It supports layers and multi-paging.
  • It is best suited for screenshots, typography, etc.


  • It stands for Portable Network Graphics.
  • It does not support animations.
  • The mime type is image/png.
  • The file size is bigger as compared to GIF.
  • It exudes transparency with elegance.
  • The extension used is .png.
  • It is mostly used in image creation.
  • It offers thousands of colors.
  • While it does not support layers and multi-paging.
  • It is suitable for small vectors, crisp edged scenes, logos, etc.