How to boost Wi-Fi signal in home?

Boost Wi-Fi signal in home connects your device for internet connections. When signal is low or your data is fully used you can use wifi connection because it provides you unlimited internet data. It also provides mobile to mobile internet connections called Hotspot. Wifi allow users to enjoy unlimited data.

Wifi boost signal extends wifi network coverage space by boosting or amplifying existing signals. They are specifically designed to improve your wifi network’s coverage. You don’t have to deal will poor wifi connections. It improves the wifi network.

There are different type of wifi booster: Design, range, amplification power, and frequency band usage. WiFi boosters allow you to work in areas of your house, building or yard that have dead spots or are farther away from the router.

How do I set up a wifi booster?

WiFi Boosters come with different components depending on the model. Choose a proper space where signal is very weak for the wifi booster set up. So that wifi boosters plug into a power source in your home. Turn on the wifi settings on your device, type in the password and you are connected.

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How to boost wifi signal?

Some following ways to boost wifi signal:

Check your wired Internet connections.

Check Frequency:

Step-1 Connect to your wifi network and open your taskbar.
Step-2 Click on Properties of your connected network.
Step-3 The new window opens and scroll down to the properties section.
Step-4 The Network Band will be 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

Change that channel:

Step-1 Open a Web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari).
Step-2 Type your router’s IP address.
Step-3 Enter the router’s username.
Step-4 Open wireless settings and click on the channel option.
Step-5 Change your wifi channel to 1, 6, or 11.(These are the most least crowded channels)
Step-6 Tap on save/apply option.

Secure your network with a strong password:

Step-1 Open your browser to the configuration page of your router.
Step-2 Enter your router’s username and password details.
Step-3 Open the wireless settings and set a strong password.
Step-4 Set your security type and tap on the save option.

Control Quality:

Step-1 Turn off your router for 30 minutes and restart again.
Step-2 Move your router and switch your router channel.
Step-3 Upgrade your router and get wifi booster.
Step-4 This will help your to improve quality of wifi.

Choose omnidirectional antennas which send a signal in one specific direction.

Speed test:

This are some common web apps to test your wifi speed:

  • Ookla speed test.
  • AT & T High speed Internet Speed Test.
  • Speed Smart.
  • Internet Health Test.

Step-1 Open any browser on your computer, phone, or tablet.
Step-2 Then visit any web app.
Step-3 The web app page lets you run a speed test as many times as you want for free.
Step-4 Next, click Go and wait for the test to finish.
Step-5 Finally, repeat the wifi speed test.

Connect to the 5Ghz band:

Step-1 Open the settings and tap on wifi option.
Step-2 Click on the three dots in the corner to find the option for “Advanced”.
Step-3 Choose “WiFi Frequency Band”.
Step-4 Select 5GHz so that all networks using this band.
Step-5 Now click on the preferred network you want to connect to.

Updates are needed:

Step-1 Connect the router to your Computer, Mobile or Tablet.
Step-2 Download the firmware update and log in to your router’s web management page.
Step-3 Select the downloaded firmware to update your router.
Step-4 Reboot your router to finish the upgrade.

Reset your router:

Step-1 Power on the router and the Reset button is either on the back or the bottom.
Step-2 Hold down the Reset button for 30 seconds.
Step-3 Release the Reset button and wait 30 seconds.
Step-4 Power back on.

Choose an Ideal Location:

Placing your router in the center of your home reduces wasted coverage area and eliminates unnecessary distance between the unit and any connected devices on the outside edges of the coverage area.

How to boost wifi signal on laptop?

  • WiFi Heat mapping software.
  • Do a Reboot on your router.
  • Ensure you are using the latest wifi technologies.
  • Change Router Channel.
  • Router Distance.
  • Change transmission power.
  • Use stronger antennas.

How to boost wifi signal on smartphone?

  • Check the distance.
  • Check if your phone case is blocking signal.
  • Choose your perfect place.
  • Use the 5 GHz band for Wi-Fi connections.
  • Update your radio or firmware.
  • Learn where the signal is strongest or weakest.
  • Update your device.

How to boost wifi signal on PC?

  • Move Closer to the Wi-Fi Router.
  • Reinstall Wireless Network Driver.
  • Update Router Software.
  • Check Surroundings for Obstruction.
  • Replace wifi Network Adapter.
  • Limit Wireless Devices Connected to the Network.

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