Keyboard Typing Backwards

Sometimes, if your starts keyboard typing backwards, it could mean that you accidentally changed this setting. For right-to-left typing, press CTRL + RIGHT SHIFT. For left-to-right typing, press CTRL + LEFT SHIFT.

How can word backward typing be corrected?

  • Reset your keyboard settings.
  • For left-to-right typing : Ctrl + Left Shift.
  • For Right to Left typing : Ctrl + Right Shift.

What to do to correct typing from right to left?

In most Windows programs (including MS Word, Internet Explorer, and Notepad), you can use the following shortcut to change the direction :

  • For right-to-left, press : Ctrl + Right. slip away.
  • For left-to-right, press : Ctrl + Left. slip away.

How to fix backward-typing keyboard ?

There are many ways to fix a backward-typing keyboard. You can use the solution below.

Restart your machine –

For troubleshooting minor software issues, your first step should be to restart your computer. If your keyboard is typing backwards due to a software conflict or malfunctioning process, a simple reboot will fix it.

Also, if you use it, you may want to disconnect and reconnect your external keyboard. After restarting your PC and reconnecting your external keyboard, if the keyboard is still typing backwards, continue to the next solution.

Run the Keyboard Troubleshooter –

  • Press the Windows key and search for Troubleshoot.
  • Click on Troubleshoot Settings from the search results.
  • Scroll to the bottom right and click on Keyboard.
  • Select the Run troubleshooter option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to fix the backward typing keyboard.

Change the Region of Your System –

  • Click on Start Menu.
  • Find Control Panel and from the results open Control Panel.
  • Go to the area.
  • Navigate to the Location tab.
  • Click the dropdown menu for Home Location and select United States.
  • Press the OK button to save the settings.
  • Restart your machine.

Re-install your keyboard driver –

  • Go to Device Manager.
  • Expand the Keyboard item in the list.
  • Right-click on the standard PS/2 keyboard.
  • The keyboard name will vary depending on your computer model.
  • Select Uninstall Driver.
  • Follow the steps to uninstall the driver.
  • Restart your computer.

You can also use dedicated updater software that will scan for missing, damaged, or out of date drivers on your PC. Software like Driver Fix are a safer option as they can always find the exact match for your hardware, eliminating the risk of encountering further errors due to mismatched drivers.

Change your keyboard typing direction –

The Windows operating system allows you to change the way you type between left-to-right typing and right-to-left typing. Sometimes, if your keyboard is typing backwards, it might mean that you changed this setting by mistake.

  • For right-to-left typing, press CTRL + RIGHT SHIFT.
  • For left-to-right typing, press CTRL + LEFT SHIFT.

Your keyboard typing backwards is a known problem , and as you can see, it’s more likely to be caused by incorrect system settings than a virus or bug. You can follow the above fixes in any order.

Also, for the fifth solution, be sure to remember what you’ve set so that you don’t complicate the problem.