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Search engines are already part of our daily lives, whether it’s looking for Christmas presents or where the nearest cafe is open before 7:00, or finding the best Steak House in town. People are now increasingly relying on search engines to find answers to their daily questions.

This may come as a shocking surprise to many, but Google is not the only search engine available on the Internet today!

There are indeed many alternative search engines that want to sit on the throne of Google, but none of them are ready (or) to pose a threat.

Top 10 Search Engine List In The World (2022 Update)


Google Search Engine is the most popular search engine in the world and it is also one of the most popular Google products. Almost 70 percent of the search engine brand is acquired by Google. The technology giant is constantly evolving and is trying to improve the search engine algorithm to provide the best possible results for the end user. Although Google seems to be the largest search engine, in 2015 YouTube was now more popular than Google (on desktops).

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Bing is Microsoft’s answer to Google and was launched in 2009. Bing is the default search engine for Microsoft’s web browser. In Bingo, he always tries to make it a better search engine, but he has a long way to go before Google can gain competition. Microsoft Search provides a variety of services, including image, site, and video search, along with maps. Bing is a place (Google’s equivalent is My Business on Google), a great platform for companies to submit their data to optimize search results.


Yahoo and Bing compete more than Google. A recent report on tells us that Yahoo has a market share of 7.68 percent. Although the leader acts as a free e-mail provider, this is severely limited despite recent findings that user data and passwords were hacked last year.


Baidu is the most used search engine in China and was founded in January 2000 by Chinese businessman Eric Xu. This web search is performed to provide results for the web, audio files, and images. It offers other services including maps, news, cloud storage and more.


Yandex was launched in 1997 and is the most used search engine in Russia. Yandex also has large offices in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey. It provides services such as Yandex Maps, Yandex Music, online translator, Yandex Money and many other services.


DuckDuckGo is a popular search engine known for protecting users’ privacy. Unlike, they are relatively open about who they use to generate search results; its partner with Yahoo, Bing and Yummly. It was founded in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg in California and its revenue comes from the Yahoo-Bing Cyclian Network and affiliates. was founded in 1995, formerly known as Ask Jeeves. Their key concept is to get search results based on a simple question + answer format on the web. It is a community of questions and answers, where you get answers to your question and which mixes a lot of archival data to answer your question. Due to this trust in the archive and active user contributions, the results are not as fresh as you could get on Google, Bing and Yahoo. They try to counter where their resources do not respond, seeking help from a third-party search engine. Interestingly, they didn’t say who it was.


Ecosia is a Berlin-based social enterprise founded by Christian Kroll in 2009. The main reason why Ecosia was created was to help fund plant and restoration projects. That is why it is known as the “tree planting finder”.

How does ecosia work? Ecosia is a partner of Bing, which means that its search results are controlled by Bing. Ecosia earns money to support tree planning by displaying ads in search results. Every time someone clicks on an ad, ecosia gets a small share. It is estimated that up to 45 searches are needed to fund tree planting. is also one of the leading search engines. These are the guys who send the CDs that you download to your computer to install the browser and modem software. The once famous player now has a market share of 0.59 percent. Verizon Communication bought AOL for $ 4.4 billion. It started in 1983 as Control Video Corporation. It was renamed America Online in 1991 and AOL Inc. in 2009. AOL is a global mass media company based in New York. The company also provides advertising services such as AOL Advertising, AOL Mail and AOL Platform.

Chacha is a people-led search engine founded in 2006. In their search box, you can ask anything and it will be answered in real time. It also provides mobile search and marketing services. You can also install their mobile apps on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Now that you know more about the best and most popular web search engines in the world, is it time to take advantage of these online opportunities? Among them, Google, Bing and Yahoo dominate the search engine market (based on aggregated search traffic) and are used daily by most people in the world.

However, the key question is, what is appropriate for your business in terms of location, equipment used, and the type of audience you want to reach?

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