Window 365

Windows 365 is the world’s first cloud PC. Like Cloud PC, Windows evolves from a device-based OS into hybrid personal computer. Which automatically creates a new type of Windows Virtual Machine (Cloud PC) for your end users. This desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offering from Microsoft provides an estimated cost per user-per-month per cloud PC, with 12 different resource configurations to choose from.

Cloud PC is your personal desktop, apps, settings and content that is securely streamed from the cloud to your device. This enables you to reduce costs while reducing the complexity of your environment when you deploy and manage virtual endpoints in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. No additional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) expertise or resources are required.

Windows 365 enables you to :

  • Procurement, provisioning and deployment in minutes with optional automatic OS updates.
  • Gives the user anywhere access to their personalized Windows desktop experience.
  • Tailored calculations and configurations for the elastic workforce.
  • Pick up where you left off on your device of choice.
  • Optimize experiences on the Windows endpoint.
  • Scale confidently with per-user pricing.

In how many versions is Windows 365 available?

Windows 365 is available in two versions :

  1. Windows 365 Business
  2. Windows 365 Enterprise

Windows 365 Business – Windows 365 Business is specifically built for use in smaller companies (up to 300 seats) that want a ready-to-use cloud PC with simple management options. For more information, see Getting started with Windows 365 Business and Cloud PC.


Windows 365 Enterprise – Windows 365 Enterprise is for large companies that want unlimited seats to build cloud PCs. It includes options to build custom cloud PCs based on device images you create, more management options, and full integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.


New features coming to Windows 365

Information – At Microsoft’s Hybrid Work event in April 2022, the company announced that Windows 365 would now be integrated directly into Windows 11.

  • Windows 365 will now be integrated directly into Windows 11. Which will make it easy to emulate the experience of multitasking between your regular desktop and cloud PC.
  • A new task switcher tool aims to make this process smoother, but it’s only one of three new features coming to Windows. If you primarily use Windows 365 instead of the regular operating system, Boot allows you to log directly into a cloud PC every time you turn on your device.
  • Window 365 relies on the Internet, but a new offline feature means it will continue to work even if your connection is turned off. The obvious caveat here is that nothing will be saved until you reconnect once.