Canon Printer Error E53

Canon Printer Error E53 Usually occurs when your printer is not able to connect to Google Cloud Print, sometimes it happens when using Google Cloud Printing option then it indicates that the printer has this error. If you are facing more error like – canon printer error e12 , e34 , e13 , e15 , p08 , p02 etc. So you can help yourself by clicking on these links. Thank you !

What are the causes of Canon Printer Error E53 ?

  • When your printer is not able to connect the Google cloud print.
  • If you are using the Google cloud printing option.
  • Not updating printer drivers.

How to resolve Canon Printer Error E53 ?

If you are experiencing printer error E53 then the first thing you need to do to resolve the error is to update the printer’s drivers. Updating the drivers is an important step as it allows the printer to work seamlessly and also incorporates new features. Updating the drivers to the latest version allows the printer to receive updates, latest features, improvements from the manufacturer.

  1. First complete the Google Cloud Print setup properly.
  2. Send the documents you are printing to the correct printer.
  3. If the problem still persists, try restarting the printer to see if the error is resolved.
  4. Update Chrome browser to the latest version.

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