Dot4_001 Error In HP Printer

The DOT4_001 error is definitely missing on most HP printers. The DOT4_001 error on HP printers is mostly port related. Updated correctly, but the PC probably won’t recognize the printer. It is strange when you find that the gardening is set up well, but the PC does not recognize the printer. The printer cannot do its job even now after receiving a command from users.  If you are facing more error like – HP Printer Error 30  e1, e2e3e419a0020e930 etc. So you can help yourself by clicking on these links.

HP Printer DOT4_001 Troubleshooting Steps –

Check Lazer Printer And Printer Driver Compatibility:

  • Select a compatible one depending on your printing device.
  • The problem with connecting to Device Manager, which is an important physical connection, can be solved by simply plugging in the USB cable.
  • First, install the driver and disconnect the USB port from the printer.
  • Click the appropriate Windows icon and fully click in the Control Panel. Click on “Device and Printer there.Er “.
  • Select Add and click Add If Local Printer.
  • Click Use On Existing Healthy Port and select LPT1: Printer Port.
  • Click HP on most manufacturers tabs and select the driver that is compatible with your printer.
  • Continue typing the printer name as you enter the field, click Next.
  • When finished, click Finish and connect USB to PC and printer.
  • ‘Change the name of the existing port from LPT1 Port to Or dot4 USB.
  • Finally, run and update all printer drivers and decide that you are just testing printing to make sure the problem is often fixed.


  • Select our own compatible device based on your printing device.
  • Remove the USB stick from this printer.
  • Click the popular Windows menu in Control Panel to go to “Peripheral devices and printers “.
  • Click Add for the printer and add to Current Local Printer.
  • Click Use On Existing Port. “A drop-down list will appear. Select LPT1: Printer Port.
  • Click HP on the Manufacturers tab and select the appropriate driver for your printer.
  • Enter a name for your printer and just click Next. When the installation finished, click Finish.
  • Connect the USB to your PC and also to the printer installed successfully. ”
  • Change the port name found LPT1 port to Or dot4 USB.