How to turn off privacy browsing?

All web browsers also give you the option to use the privacy mode which is called private browser. To turn off the private browsing on your devices as it blocks websites from tracking your search behavior. Turn off privacy browsing by using the following steps are given below. You can also go incognito on Chromebook.

How to turn off Private Window ?

On Firefox:

  • Open the updated Firefox browser.
  • Select the New Window to change your settings select Privacy & Security.
  • Scroll down to History and “Always use private browsing mode”.
  • Select Remember history from the dropdown next to “Firefox will”.
  • Close the Firefox browser window.

On Chrome:

Chrome private browsing is called “Incognito.”

On Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge private browsing is called “InPrivate”.

On Safari:

While private browsing is turned on in Safari, the search bar appears dark gray/black instead of light gray/white.

  • Open Safari and choose “File.”
  • Click on the “Private Window” option to open a private window.
  • Then close the private window and open a new one.