“Microsoft Excel”

Microsoft Excel is a commonly used Ms Office application and also “Microsoft Excel” is a software program produced by Ms that allows users to organize, format and calculate data with formulas using a spreadsheet system.

The image below shows what an Excel spreadsheet looks like :


Features of “Ms Excel

Various editing and formatting can be done on MS Excel spreadsheets. Various features of MS Excel are given below :

The image below shows the structure of features in MS Excel :

  • Home – This includes options like font size, font style, font color, background color, alignment, formatting options and styles, cell insertion and delete and editing options.
  • Insert – Includes options such as table format and style, inserting images and figures, adding graphs, charts and spark lines, header and footer options, equations and symbols.
  • Page Layout – Theme, Orientation and Page setup options are available under Page Layout option
  • Formulas – Since tables with huge amount of data can be created in MS Excel, under this feature, you can add formulas to your table and get quick solutions.
  • Data – Adding external data (from the web), filtering options and data tools are available under this category.
  • Review – Proofreading can be done for Excel sheets (such as spell check) in the Review category and a reader can add comments to this section.
  • Views – The various views in which we want the spreadsheet to be displayed can be edited here. Zoom in and out and pane arrangement options are available under this category.

How to open “Microsoft Excel” ?

To open MS Excel on your computer, follow the steps below :

  • First of all click on Start button.
  • After that click on All Programs option from the menu.
  • Find Ms Office from the sub menu and click on it.
  • Find Ms Excel from the submenu and click on it.

What is “MS Excel” used for ?


Excel is commonly used to organize data and perform financial analysis. It is used for all business functions and in small to large companies.

Basic uses of Excel include :

  • Data entry
  • Data management
  • Accounting
  • Financial analysis
  • Charting and graphing
  • Programming
  • Time management
  • Task management
  • Financial modeling
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Almost anything that needs to be organized!

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