What are Dropbox vs Google Drive?

Google Drive and Dropbox are the two most popular cloud storage and backup options. There are a lot of different ways to store information online or share it with others. Services like Google Drive and Dropbox are both popular choices that are also convenient for easily sharing large files you couldn’t fit into an email.  … Read more

Change Google Drive Folder Location


We change Google Drive folder location while setting up Backup and Sync on your PC or Mac. To use the Google Drive service, you need to download the Backup and Sync version to your computer so that it can automatically back up and sync data to and from your system. All your videos, documents, pictures … Read more

How to Transfer from one Google Drive to Another?


Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage services. Google Drive is used for everything from securing backups, providing an easily accessible location, to sharing large files on the cloud with others, or transferring files to another account. Google Drive was launched on 24 April 2012 which is a file storage and synchronization service. … Read more

How to Attach an Email to an Email in Gmail?


Sometimes Gmail users want to show some of their emails to other people. You can attach emails to other emails in Gmail without downloading them first. It is used to forward multiple messages related to a single topic. Sending emails as attachments allows you to compose a summary email message to your recipients, and attach … Read more