Windows 10 Hyperlinks Not Working


When you select a hyperlink in Microsoft Outlook then Microsoft Outlook tries to open it in the standard browser. Sometimes it fails to open the link in a Microsoft product on Windows 10. Below are some activities that can break Outlook hyperlinks: Installing Microsoft Windows updates Installing or uninstalling web browsers Installing browser add-ons or … Read more

I Can’t Create New Folder in Windows 10


Folders are an essential part of the organization process on a computer. They allow you to assimilate similar files and store them in a single location. This facility enables ease of navigation for users who wish to find and use a single file amongst several files. Sometimes New Folder option disappeared from Desktop in Windows … Read more

How to Hide Wi-Fi Password


Wireless networks are less secure than wired networks. Wi-Fi passwords are hidden to avoid leaking of Wi-Fi passwords to anyone who has physical access to your device. We can hide Wi-Fi password by modifying windows registry. Process to Hide Wi-Fi Password To open ‘Registry Editor’, press ‘windows + R’, type ‘regedit’ and press ‘Enter’. In … Read more

How to Change Mac Address on Windows 10


Every machine has unique MAC address. A MAC address serves as a permanent, physical identifier for any device that connects to a network. That includes your phone, router, computer, printer, Apple TV, and anything that connects to your internet. If your computer has an Ethernet port and a WiFi adapter, you have two MAC addresses: … Read more