What is Microsoft Edge?

what is microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge is the default browser for all Windows 10 devices. It’s built to be highly compatible with the modern web. This includes screen readers, in-browser games, productivity tools, and more.

Edge was initially built with Microsoft’s own proprietary browser engine Edge HTML and their Chakra JavaScript engine, a version now referred to as Microsoft Edge Legacy. Microsoft Edge is based on the Chromium open source project and as such, Microsoft’s latest browser comes equipped with some of the best features you’ll find in any browser as well as being considered much faster than its predecessor.

Microsoft Edge has replaced Internet Explorer (IE) as the default browser on Windows, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and hybrids. Microsoft Edge is a universal Windows app, so you can download it and update it from the Microsoft Store on Windows.

What does the Microsoft Edge logo/icon look like?

It’s original logo was stylized from a lowercase “e” and looks very similar to the Internet Explorer logo. Most Windows users know that clicking an “e” icon will open a web browser, so maintaining that letter and the overall look was designed to reduce confusion.

However, the new version of the Edge logo looks like a cross between the IE-style “e” and the Firefox swirl.

Features and Options:


The features offered by the best web browsers like Chrome and Edge provide similar features but slightly change their functionality.

  • Different elements have to be incorporated into the browser.
  • Sync: Sync is an essential feature in a browser, and it helps store bookmarks, history, passwords, and even closed tabs.
  • Speed and Performance: Whenever the user is dissatisfied, one of the main reasons could be low speed or lack of performance.
  • Privacy: We perform all our work and research on a web browser; therefore, privacy is a significant priority.
  • Edge has incorporated an intelligent screening system that protects the browsing database.

How does Microsoft Edge works?


Microsoft Edge matches Chrome in speed and even slightly surpassed it during some of our speed tests. Edge is even a little bit better at blocking suspicious websites than Chrome.

It is the best browser for Windows. It brings unique capabilities to your browsing, including enhanced security, money – saving shopping tools, excellent tab management features, and more.

Top 10 Uses of Microsoft Edge:

  • Competitive speed.
  • A way to save text from websites.
  • A feed of personalized content.
  • Smooth integration with Windows 10 and 11.
  • Simple privacy controls.
  • Vertical and sleeping tabs.
  • Clutter-free reading.
  • Chrome extensions.

Its helpfully customizable home page, speed, Collections feature, built-in screenshot tool, stackable tabs, and progressive web app support are just a few of the browser’s appealing features.

Is it worth getting Microsoft Edge?

If you’re a bit tired of too-simple-to-be-useful browsers, Edge may be a great – and great-looking – alternative. Or if you do a lot of online shopping it’s the best way to go, even if you use another browser for all of your non-shopping time online.