Where is the Start Button on Windows 10

Microsoft has embraced the open source community in a way that was once thought impossible.
Start is a Windows command line command that enables a user to start a separate window in Windows. Start in general refers to the beginning of something.
The Start Menu contains shortcut of all your apps, settings, files and various features. By the use of Start button, you can access your computer programs and configure Microsoft Windows.

Where is the Start Button on Windows 10

The Start button in Windows 10 is a small button that displays the Windows logo and is always displayed at the left end of the Taskbar. You can click the Start button in Windows 10 to display the Start menu or the Start screen.
You can also activate the Start button by pressing the Windows key on the keyboard or by pressing the Ctrl Esc key.

If you click Start Button, there are many options will be display on your screen.

  1. Menu : Expands to show names for all menu items.
  2. Account : Lock or sign out of your PC, switch to another account, or change your account picture by selecting your picture on the left of the Start menu.
  3. File Explorer : In the File Explorer, you can see the list of all apps and programs alphabetically, from A to Xbox.
  4. Settings : Click the Setting button to change which apps and folders appear on the Start menu.
  5. Power : Use the power button make your PC sleep, restart, or shut down completely.

If you right-click on Start Button, there are many options related to the Power User Task Menu.


This Power User Task Menu contains shortcuts to various features, windows and control panels on your computer. To open any one of these items, click the desired command in the Power User Task Menu that appears.

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