Canon printer Error P22

What is Canon printer error P22?

Canon printer error P22 occurs when the scanner does not work properly. To resolve this issue, you will need to restart your Canon printer. If this problem is still not solved then you can also take the help of experts. But if your want to resolve this error by yourself first then the steps are given below.

How to fix Canon Printer Error P22?

To solve this error, some suggestions have been given below:-

  • Restart your Canon Printer :
    • Turn off the canon printer.
    • Unplug the cables from the power outlet.
    • Plug in the cables again or restart your canon printer.
  • Use the warranty card of your device :
    • If your Canon printer warranty is still valid, you should contact your Canon printer service center.
  • Buy a new printer :
    • This error tells us that the scanner or logic board is damaged. We recommend you buy a new Canon printer.

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