Canon Printer Error C000

Canon Printer Error C000 occurs when your canon printer functions are not working properly due to which the internal parts of the printer is damaged. In most of the cases, there are several methods that can be used to resolve the error C000. Here, we are discussing the causes and solutions of this error.

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Canon Printer Error C000 – Causes

  • Due to plastic or polythene on the material.
  • Your Canon printer may need to be reset.
  • When the Ink tanks are not on the correct position.
  • Due to jammed paper.

How to fix the Canon Printer Error c000 ?

Fix the error c000 by removing packing material :

First, turn on your printer and try to print out something if the error is occurred due to packing material then open the printer cover and make sure that packing material is removed properly. Now, close the Printer door and check whether the error is resolved or not. If not try another method for solving this error.

Fix the error c000 by resetting your printer :

  • You will need to reset your Canon printer which is quite easy.
  • Unplug the printer cables and wait for a while to turn it on again.
  • Click on the stop/reset and power button simultaneously.
  • Now release the button and restart your canon printer.
  • Try to test a print whether the error is resolved or not, if not then try another method.

Fix the error c000 by checking ink tank Positions :

This error can be caused due to inappropriate position of the ink tanks. For resolving this error you’ll need to re-insert the ink tanks again. Remove all the ink tanks and place them in their correct position.

Fix the error c000 by cleaning Paper Feed Path :

This error is caused when the foreign object is getting stuck in the paper feed path. For clearing or removing any objects open the printer cover and output tray. Clear the wastage and dirt inside the printer.

We discussed some resolving steps so that you can easily resolve the following error. If you want to get information about some other Canon Printer Errors then click on the links – 125914011660,  75212591660 etc.