Canon Printer Error B504

Canon printer error b504 occurs when the ink cartridge of the printer is completely dry or no ink is flowing. It has built-in protection to prevent overheating. If you want to know its causes and solutions, then read this complete article.

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Causes of Error B504 :

  • Make sure that you are using genuine Canon ink.
  • Clear the jammed paper or stuck paper.
  • Clean Printer’s encoder strip.

Fixup steps : Canon Printer Error B504

Fix the error b504 by replacing the cartridge :

  1. Turn off your Printer by unplugging.
  2. Open the printer cover and move the cart.
  3. When you have identified the cartridge you want to replace, press the fastener button.
  4. If you see any jammed paper inside your canon printer then remove it carefully using your both hands.
  5. If you see dust on the Printer’s Encoder Strip then clean it using cotton or clean piece of cloth.
  6. Take out the cartridge and restart your printer.

Fix the error b504 by resetting the printer :

  1. Switch on the printer and use the Stop/Reset button.
  2. Hold down the Control key and wait for a while.
  3. Now you’re able to print with your printer.
  4. Finally, you reset you canon printer successfully.

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