Canon Printer Error E08

Canon Printer Error e08 occurs when the “ink cartridge is full”. The following error can be removed by shifting the print head cover. To solve this problem, the solution is discussed below.

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Why do we face error E08?

This error occurs when the Ink cartridge is full or ink absorber is not working. You need to reset your canon printer and also re-insert the Ink cartridge. Below we mentioned the steps of resetting the Canon Printer.

Resolve the Canon Printer Error E08 :-

  1. Turn on the printer and the printer panel display this message “The Ink Absorber is Almost Full”.
  2. Turn off the printer by pressing the power button or unplug from the power outlet.
  3. Now, press and hold the stop/reset button and also the power button simultaneously.
  4. Release the stop/reset button and restart the printer.
  5. Finally, you’ve successfully finish the above steps.
  6. Now, try to test a print and If the error is not resolved contact to the Experts.

In this article we have discussed Error E08. If you want to get more errors information click on the following link – P10P22P07P02P03P08, P10 etc. I hope we helped you!!