Canon Printer Error P03

Canon printer error P03 is caused by a paper jam which causes the canon printer to stop working. To fix this error, take note of your printer and follow the solutions given below. It may be found that your printer is not working due to the following reasons:

  • Disturbance during Printing Task.
  • Jammed paper.
  • Affects the printing functions.

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Methods to Resolve the Error Code P03 :-

Resolve the error P03 by placing paper tray :

This error occurs when canon printer is not placed properly. Place the paper tray and printer on the right place and turn on the printer again. If the error is not resolved properly try out another method.

Resolve this error P03 by restarting the Printer :

This error can be resolved by restarting the printer. Unplug the cables and turn off the printer. After waiting for a while restart it again by plugging all the cables and pressing the power button.

Resolve the error P03 by cleaning the Printer :

First, turn off the Canon printer and open the printer cover. Make sure no objects are stuck inside your printer. If you find anything inside the printer, clean it properly.

Resolve the error P03 by checking the faulty parts :

You need to check for the followings:

  • Logic board QM2-3078
  • Paper feed motor QKI-1502
  • Timing sensor unit QM2-2683
  • Timing slit disk film QCI-6229
  • Platte unit QM2-29223

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