How to Make a New Page on Word?

Wondering how to get a new page to type on in Microsoft Word without pressing enter repeatedly? You really don’t need to press Enter key on and on till the next page. Try these methods below.

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Page Break

What is Page Break? Page breaks are another option for adding space between sections. This formatting tool moves the content after a page break to the beginning of the next page.

  • To get a new page in Microsoft Word, go to the menu ribbon at the top of the page.
  • Select Insert tab, click Pages and choose Page Break. It will insert a new page directly.

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Shortcut to Add New Page on Word

It’s much like Page break but easier. Just place your cursor at the end of your text, press Ctrl+Enter and you’ll be led to the beginning of a new page.

If you don’t want the page anymore, put the cursor at the end of your last page and press Delete.

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Now when you are writing your essays, you can stop exhausting your pinkie finger with pressing enter, enter, enter!