Canon Printer Error E45

Canon printer error E45 is encountered when the printer is unable to connect to the computer. Chances are the network is not connected to your Canon printer. Stay connected with us on how to avoid canon printer error ( e12 , e34 , e13 , e15 , p08 , p02 , p07 , e32 , […]

How To Get HP Printer Online?

One of the most frequently occurring problems is the HP printer offline which occurs without any apparent reason. Therefore in this writeup, we have explained the causes for this problem along with its troubleshooting steps. So whenever you are in a situation where your printer keeps going offline, just follow the instructions given in the […]

How to Factory Reset a Computer?

The term factory reset means deleting all the data from the computer which is not in the device after production. This means that it is impossible for the user to practically access programs or files on your computer. Why one need to Factory Reset a Computer? If you bored with your current device, you want […]