Canon Printer Error 1403

Canon printer error 1403 occurs when the problem is with the printhead or cartridge. Read the complete article to know the proper reasons and solutions. You can also resolve some other Canon Printer Errors by clicking on the given links: 5b00510052005800b20060005b02, E04 ,e02, etc.

What are the causes of Canon Printer Error 1403?

  • Outdated Printer Driver.
  • Default printer settings.
  • Lack of maintenance.

Resolve the Canon Printer Error 1403 :

Here we are discussing some of the following methods for resolving the Canon Printer Error 1403.

Update the Printer Driver :

  1. Click on the Start menu > Control panel > Hardware and sound > Device manager > Printer.
  2. Right-click on the update driver option (Manually or automatically)
  3. Open the official website to download the driver.
  4. Install the driver by carrying out the instructions.

Change the Default Printer Settings :

  1. Click on the Start Menu > Settings > Printers and faxes > Properties.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab and select the printing button.
  3. Change the settings as per the requirements.
  4. Finally, you can easily fix this.

Replace the Ink Cartridges :

  1. Open the Paper tray and then the printer head cover.
  2. Push the cartridge and take it out from the canon printer.
  3. Now, unpack the new cartridge that you purchased.
  4. Insert the new cartridge holder and insert it slightly.
  5. Push the cartridge till you hear a clicking sound.
  6. Finally, close the canon printer head.

Clean the Ink cartridge :

  1. Open the printer and wait until the carriage slide.
  2. Remove the ink cartridge.
  3. Now, clean the print head by dipping it in hot water or isopropyl.
  4. Clean the print head and repeat the above step again.
  5. Once you done wait and finish the above steps.
  6. Finally, change the ink cartridges.

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