Canon Printer Error 5200

Canon printer error 5200 is caused by the ink levels of your printer being low. This is one of the most common error we are discussing in this article along with the reason and proper solutions.

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Reasons behind Canon Printer Error 5200 –

  • The ink cartridge is not installed properly.
  • Problem with the logic board in your Canon printer.

How to resolve Canon Printer Error 5200?

Below we are discussing the following Methods of resolving this error :

Reset Canon printer :

  • Turn off your canon printer.
  • Now, press the stop/reset button with the power button.
  • While holding the power button release the stop/reset button.
  • Then press the stop/reset button twice and wait for an idle message.
  • Now, open the top cover and take out the color and black cartridge.
  • Again turn on your canon printer.
  • Finally, you’ve to return to the cartridge and try to print something after inserting the cartridge.

Refill the Ink Tank :

  • If you are thinking that the ink tank is low on ink then first make sure about the ink levels in the cartridge of the canon printer.
  • If you found low ink on the cartridge refill it otherwise you will be able to face the following error again and again.

Clean the Cartridges :

  • Disconnect the power cable and open the print head.
  • Clean the cartridge carefully without using or touching your fingertips.
  • Now, reinsert the cartridge and turn on your canon printer.
  • Finally, the error is resolved to try to print something.

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