canon printer error 5b00

canon printer error 5b00

The canon printer error 5b00 is usually generate by ink spills on your printer in Windows 10. The same execute to a full ink absorber or full waste ink counter, so reset the ink absorber. You can apply this quick fix to clear out many error codes that may appear when turning the printer on.

Conceivable Reasons beyond Canon Printer Error 5b00 :

  • There can be various reasons why you are experiencing this printing glitch. It could be because of the skewed ink cartridges of the Canon printer. If the counter absorber decline to work, it can lead to error 5b00.
  • Did you shrug off the packing materials of the Canon printer properly? If not, then those can prevent the device from performing the printer jobs. Make sure to remove them to avoid further printer downtimes.
  • Sometimes, incorrect cartridges can lead to Canon printer error 5b00. In such a situation, contemplate installing compatible cartridges for the printer. But, if you don’t have the technical skills, don’t interfere in the installation part.
  • Replace the defective ink absorber of the Canon printer with a new one. It will help you to conquer the error 5b00 easily. But, you might find it difficult to continue the ink absorber substitute process. Thus, the Canon printer users should leave this job to genius experts.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5b00 ?

  1. Canon printers are designed to offer exclusive prints. Starting from images to PDF files, you can print everything from these devices. But, technical issues can occur in Canon printers due to equilibrium usage. One of the most common errors of this device is “5b00”.
  2. When this error message emerge, the device prevents the users from printing. The Canon printer’s green and orange lights blink continuously when this error occurs.
  3. Thus, clear the waste ink counter to solve Canon printer error 5b00. Resetting the waste ink counter can help you to terminate this printing error.
  4. If you want to resolve this problem then you need to unplug the power cable and all data cables from the printer, unlatch the cartridge cover and push the Power button.
  5. While holding the power button, plug the power cord back into the wall socket and wait until the printer initiates a reset procedure.
  6. You will know when this occurs as the printer will light up all of the signal lights. Turn the printer off and on again and try another print job to see if this resolved your case of Canon error 5B00.
  7. If the issue is not resolved, chances are you can solve it by cleaning the waste ink pad, as this can get stained rather easily.
  8. To clean the waste ink pad, you need to open the ink cartridge cover and wait for the cartridges to reach their service position. Once they do, pull the power cable to fix them in place.
  9. Beyond your ink cartridges, there is a set of rollers in clear white as well as a foam pad on either end. This is the ink absorber that needs to be removed and cleaned, best to use some paper towels.
  10. Once done, place the pads back into their place and plug the power back in, so that the cartridges can return back to their working position.

How to clean the Waste Ink Absorber ?

  1. If rehabilitation the waste ink counter didn’t fix the issue, then the problem is in the ink absorber. Clean this printer unit properly and use the device without any further interference. You have to open the ink cartridge compartment to do that.
  2. In some of the Canon printers, this compartment will be in the front of the device. And, in a few printer models, this unit is located at the back of the Canon printer. After you find that, turn on the printer and wait until the cartridges start to move.
  3. Shrug off the cartridges, and then unplug the power cables of the Canon printer. After that, look for the waste ink absorber underneath the area of cartridges. Locate its rubber frame and sensitively, pull them to remove the waste ink absorber.
  4. Take a dry microfiber cloth and clean the ink waste with that. After that, place the waste ink absorber and reinstall the cartridges.
  5. Connect the power cords and turn the Canon printer afterwards. It will remove the error code 5b00 from the device. And, don’t use any chemical solutions to remove the excess ink from this Canon printer unit. Maybe they damage the waste ink absorber.

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