Canon Printer Error 6c10

Canon printer error 6c10 occurs when your printer’s ink tank fills up, causing your printer to stop printing. Here we will follow some steps to resolve this error.

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How to fix the Canon Printer Error 6c10?

Below we are discussing two methods of fixing up this issue.

Reset the ink absorber :

  1. Switch off your canon printer.
  2. Hold the Resume Button.
  3. Now, hold the Power button and wait for a while until the green light is turned on.
  4. When you hold the power button release the resume button.
  5. Press the Resume button four times and then immediately press the Power button.

Clean the Ink Cartridge :

  1. Open the printer cover and move the cartridge to the middle.
  2. If you find a piece of paper or anything stuck in the roller, remove it, and you will see white rollers.
  3. If you see the ink spreading, then clean it with a clean cloth and clean all the ink in a good way.
  4. About 1 inch, from that piece of plastic to the front of the printer, is a small square, about 1/2 inch per side, i.e. a small foam pad.
  5. When you have cleaned well, then turn off the printer and turn it back on.

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