Canon Printer Error 6A80

Canon Printer Error 6A80

The Canon Printer Error Code 6A80 is one of the common error codes which shows up in this particular model of Canon printer quite frequently. As per the Canon printer users, this error code primarily occurs with the printer after heavy hours of operation or if it is being used after a very long time.

How to resolve Canon Printer Error 6A80 ?

Way 1 : Move the Print Head Sideways
The first solution to fix Canon Printer Error Code 6A80 can be executed manually. In this, you have to move the cartridge carriage from left to right for at least three times. After that, the cartridge dispersing moment will get smooth and eliminate one of the prime causes of this error.

Way 2 : Clean the Canon printer
The most used method in all is to reset the printhead that will be able to resolve all the canon printer issues including the Canon printer code 6a80. Make sure that you are firstly excluding the print head to clean it properly.


Make sure that you are using a clean cloth or a piece of cotton. Make sure that you leave the parts for at least five minutes so that they can dry properly. After that, you need to install the software of the printhead as well as the cartridges.

Way 3: Remove the Paper Jam
Paper pieces are causing the paper jam issue once more. If this paper jam is generating this error code with your printer, then clean out your printer better and proper.


For carrying this task, open your printer and use a blower flush out all the small paper pieces and dust. In some situations, you will find really big chunks of paper stuck inside your printer. For that moment, try to remove it carefully.
NOTE : Do make sure to wear gloves and other protective materials while cleaning.

Way 4: Reset Canon Printer
Another solution to fix Canon Printer Error 6A80 is the printer rest method. For performing this printer rest method, follow the given steps:

  • Turn off your Canon Printer.
  • Press Black Photocopy + Stop / Reset + on and off button simultaneously.
  • Release the on and off button first and as the printer wakes up, release all other buttons together.
  • Connect your canon printer with your system to check the existence of the error code.

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