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How to Zoom in on Windows?

This article teaches you how to zoom in on the text, images, and other objects on your Windows PC display. These shortcuts can be used with all windows programs, including […]

Computer running slow

A slow computer can hurt your bottom line—the minutes spent waiting for the computer to do what it needs to do add up to hours (or even days) each month […]

How Clear Clipboard?

Any digital device you use has a clipboard: the temporary memory in each operating system that allows you to cut, copy and paste a line of text, an image, or […]

How to Use Excel for Beginners?

Are you new to Microsoft Excel and need to work on a spreadsheet? Don’t worry—once you learn how to use excel for beginners, you’ll be entering, manipulating, calculating, and graphing […]

Dell Business Outlet

Monitor and PC Accessories You can check Dell Outlets for the best deals. Dell business outlet free shipping and the same as the new Dell warranty. Dell Outlet offers refurbished […]

S Drive on Computer

The S Drive on Computer is part of the central windows file store and enables groups of users to access and share files necessary for their work. Before trying to […]

System Performance

System performance is the amount of useful work done by a system measured by the production speed of products of a predefined quality. This often boosts the determination for high-tech […]

Default Programs

The operating system allocates a program by default app settings for opening certain file types, but you can easily change and open them in the program of your choice. Default […]

P Drive this PC

P drive this pc is a section of a server set aside for your work. You will reach it from any computer in the district when you log on to […]

Windows Activation

Windows Activation helps verify that your copy of Windows is genuine than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow, this makes sure that a particular copy is not running on multiple […]

Program Files On Computer

Program Files on computer is the name of the directory or the standard folder in Windows where third-party applications are installed by default program installed in this folder has its […]

Canon Printer Driver

Canon printer drivers play vital role in printer models with certain operating systems need drivers. They may be included with your individual OS. Canon printers should automatically update the drivers […]

Optimize PC

Optimize PC is the best way to improve your system’s speed up performance, you can further optimize its capabilities through routine maintenance. The main reasons for a slow computer usually […]

tv youtube com start is the largest video streaming platform in the world with over 2 billion active users worldwide. This video streaming app lets you connect with the world and share your […]

Windows Update Error

Keeping your operating system up to date is extremely important. Windows Update Error roll out new features, or further optimize performance. Many users run into error messages related to the […]

Slow Computer

Powering several programs takes a lot of processing power, impacting performance and speed up the computer. There are two ways to fix when computer is slow issue: first decreasing the […]

How to block a website

Block a website go to Policies Administrative Templates Google. Google Chrome then enable block access to a list of URls.Add the URLs that you want to block. After that enable […]

How to connect dual monitors ?

Running dual monitors is relatively easy and requires only a few connections and settings adjustments to complete. Connect dual monitor setup helps with your workflow by making an easy transition […]

HP Printer Driver Download

HP provides the drivers necessary for your printer to work with the operating system on your computer. HP Printer Driver Download is necessary for every HP printer. But you might […]

System Information

System Information is a profiler included with Microsoft Windows that displays diagnostic and troubleshooting knowledge related to the operating system, hardware and software. It has been bundled with Windows since […]

How to Force Quit on Mac?

For those who are familiar with Windows, force quitting refers to forcing an application to quit when it freezes or becomes unresponsive in order to restore the regular operation of […]

Clear Bing History

Clear Bing history is actually quite easy. Bing stores and uses your search history to personalize your results. And clearing the history in your web browser doesn’t touch the history […]

Why is My Touchpad Disabled

My Touchpad Disabled it may be a result of a missing or out-of-date driver. Updating or reinstalling your touchpad drivers in Device Manager may help solve the problem. To open […]

Default App Settings

The Default Apps settings is not exclusively new to Windows, much like many of the other Control Panel staples of previous versions. It is possible to replace a default app […]

Keyboard Lighting On/Off

Most modern laptops today come with a keyboard that is equipped with a light. Backlit keyboards are designed to assist users while typing in low light conditions. It’s great if […]

Google Find my Device

You’ve added a Google Account to your device, Find My Device is automatically turned on. Google Find my Device needs to check a few boxes before you can be sure […]

How to Change Wallpaper ?

Change Wallpaper is a picture for your desktop background or change the accent color for Start, the taskbar, and other items. Set wallpaper on my computer is easy in Windows […]

Open Key File

Open Key File most presentation software nowadays can open KEY files, so try MS PowerPoint. The .KEY file format is used by Keynote, the presentation tool in Work. You can […]

What is Google Drive?

A web-based, file storage, and file synchronization service that allows users to store files and access them from any computer connected to the Internet. Users can also use it to […]

How to edit PDF file ?

Edit PDF file can be challenging. On the other hand, most cheap/free PDF editors or PDF modifiers only include the most basic features and don’t promise an accurate file conversion. […]

Date and Time

Date and Time System is the current date and time of day. The system keeps time so that your applications have ready access to accurate time. The system bases system […]

why is my computer so slow?

If your computer works slowly, there can be many reasons for this ranging from outdated software to insufficient computer hardware. Read our article to learn about the most common causes […]

Windows Key Not Working

The Windows key, also known as the Start key or Start button, can be used to open the Start menu and start different applications on your Windows computer. However, sometimes […]

Internet Explorer Download

Internet Explorer (IE), World Wide Web (WWW) browser and set of technologies created by Microsoft Corporation, a leading American computer software company. Internet Explorer Download is important so that you […]

What is my IP?

When you connect to the internet, whether you’re using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you have an IP address assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is […]

Passwords on this computer

This log contains passwords, certificates and keys from websites you’ve visited and applications that require passwords. Passwords on this computer means to protect your information and identity, all passwords are […]

Fix Windows Update Errors

Whenever you experience Windows update troubleshooter failing repeatedly and see a blue screen with a message indicating problems updating Windows, this article will help guide you through fix Windows update […]

Command Prompt

Command Prompt (known as cmd.exe or cmd) is a text-only window where you can enter commands to the Windows operating system (95, 98, ME, NT/2000/XP, Vista, and 7) of your […]