Canon Printer Error 6A81

Canon printer error 6A81 occurs when the print head is not working properly. To get rid of Canon printer error 6a81, you have to follow the below-mentioned solutions.

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How to fix Canon Printer Error 6A81?

Apply the following solutions carefully for an easy solution.

Resolve the Purge Error :

Purge unit or jamming can be caused the error. For resolving this error move the carriage from the purge unit without resistance. Make sure that the purge unit works properly. If the paper is jammed in the purge unit then your printer can face several problems. You need to replace the purge unit.

Clear Dust Issue :

Clean the rubber roller by using a dry cloth because it can be possible that dust has covered the roller. Remove any dirt and make sure that you are feeding the pages properly in the input tray. Now, move the roller freely while you performing printing jobs. This may solve your error.

Clean the Printer components :

This error may be happened due to jammed paper inside the printer. Use a flashlight and check the internal parts of the printer or check the paper tray. Check the pieces of paper and any other things that may be occurred during the printing process.

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