How to Clean Out Your Whole Computer System?

How to Clean Out Your Whole Computer System

If you are working continuously and not deleting unnecessary data from your computer, then after some time your computer speed will slow down. Because your computer keeps collecting unnecessary files, apps, and a wide range of other data. Here we will tell you how to Clean Out Your Whole Computer System and delete all that … Read more

How to Transfer Photos from Iphone to Computer?

Here are the solution to get photos of iphone into the computer without any frustation. Transfering the photos from iphone to mac is very easy and have multiple options as both are apple devices. But transfering the Iphone photos to PC is not the complex task now. We have here conclude the different ways to … Read more

How to connect modem to computer for internet?

how to connect modem to computer for internet

Most modems today connect the modem to a computer for the Internet using a USB connection or an Ethernet connection. For more details read the entire article written carefully. Connect your modem Before turning on your modem, you’ll want to connect it to your computer and your phone jack or cable outlet. To connect it … Read more

What does ss usb symbol mean?

usb image

what does ss usb symbol mean? In this article, we will tell you what does ss usb symbol mean? “SS” markings, which stand for SuperSpeed, to identify USB 3.0 ports, otherwise known as USB 3.1 gen 1. “10” markings, which stand for 10 Gbps, to identify USB 3.1 gen 2 ports with ultra-fast connectivity. A … Read more

How to Uninstall Private Internet Access


Private Internet Access (PIA) is a personal VPN service. It enables users to encrypt their network traffic and stay protected when surfing the web. Add privacy and security to private and public networks when you browse the Internet and use Wi-Fi, whether connected to a hotspot or at home. It offers a robust VPN service … Read more

How to make a copy of word document?

how to make a copy of word document

In this article, we will tell you how to make a copy of Word document? First you Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O , or click the File tab in the Ribbon and click Open. Go to the location of the document you want to duplicate. Right-click the file, and click Open as copy. … Read more

what is a default browser?

what is a default browser

In this article we will discuss about what is default browser. It refers to the browser that is associated with Web documents or Web links. It is also the browser that comes pre-installed with the operating system, e.g., Internet Explorer for Windows, Safari for Apple’s Mac OS or iOS. Web browsers Default browser is the … Read more

How to Factory Reset a Computer?

The term factory reset means deleting all the data from the computer which is not in the device after production. This means that it is impossible for the user to practically access programs or files on your computer. Why one need to Factory Reset a Computer? If you bored with your current device, you want … Read more

What is the name of the symbols on a keyboard ?

What is the name of the symbols on a keyboard

A keyboard symbol glossary can be a helpful reference tool. This will save you some of the hunting and pecking that comes with inserting symbols via a drop-down menu on your computer. The keyboard is the way we use to enter or manipulate data or information, and it looks more or less like the one … Read more

What is num lock key?

Nume lock -Key

Num Lock is a key found on a normal computer keyboard. It’s a toggle key of sorts that enables and disables the numeric pad. Where is the Num Lock Key? Traditional keyboards for desktop computers have a keypad on the right side in addition to the horizontal row of number keys above the letter keys. … Read more

What is word processor in computer?

word processor

A word processor is a software application use to create, store, and print documents. Today, word processors are one of the most common use software programs on computers, with Microsoft Word being the most popular word processor in computer. Word processors are used to create, edit and print documents, and well as save them electronically. … Read more

Is avast antivirus safe for windows 10?

Is avast antivirus safe for windows 10

In this article we will show you about Is avast antivirus safe for windows 10 or not. so you can read below. About Avast Antivirus: We know that other users face BSOD (STOP) errors and viruses that make their way to PC. And those that don’t have any malware. There is an active firewall at … Read more

How to Create a Tip Sheet in Word?

Firstly lets know what is word document? Word document is the word file which you can create online or in your system through tthe software. One can edit, share, save and print this document. This is mostly used to create text file such as letter, resume, reports and many more. Examples like Google Docs by … Read more

A Required CD DVD Drive Device Driver is Missing

Installing Windows 7 is the easiest and fastest way to install Windows with USB Flash. But at the same time, during installation, there will be a common problem with “a required cd dvd drive device driver is missing“, which makes you feel confused because you do not even have a floppy disk. Although the error … Read more

What Does Special Character Mean?

Special characters are letters that are not considered numbers or letters. Symbols, accents and words are considered special characters. Similarly, ASCII control characters and formatted characters, such as punctuation, are also special characters. Unlike alphanumeric characters, special characters are very different and can be used for a variety of purposes in writing, coding, and mathematical … Read more

Does Norton slow down Computer?

does norton slow down computer

Norton is anti-malware or antivirus software product. Many users ask this question, does Norton slow down computer? Yes, When Norton Antivirus starts the scan of your computer looking for any malicious files, your computer may slow down. This is only due to the scan. So, Norton slows down your Computer under different circumstances, as you’re … Read more

How Many Bytes are in a Kilobyte Megabyte and Gigabyte?

Everything in the world could be measured using some parameter. Like 1 liter of water or 1 kilogram of salt, etc. But But there are the things which one can’t feel and touch with our own hands? Emotions of human are one such thing, but in this blog, we will talk about the data stored … Read more

How to use Laptop in bed?


One of the best features of a laptop is the fact that it is portable, meaning you can use it even in bed. But first, you know well what is the perfect position for using a laptop on the bed. Because the wrong position usually causes tension, headache, and stiffness in the upper and lower … Read more

Is keeper password manager free?

is keeper password manager free

In this article we keep the answer of Is Keeper Password Manager Free Say “yes” it is free Let us see below what is Keeper and see about the free trial version of Keeper. keeper password manager: keeper password manager is a app and it download from app store or according to your device. Keeper … Read more

What is security master ?

What is security master ?

Security master is a software that helps put together the best bits and pieces of data about a financial instrument, then store it in a database to make it accessible to users and applications. It has many interesting features that help in securing the device and it also helps in securing Wi-Fi. It has an … Read more

Canon Support Code 5100

Canon Support Code 5100

Canon Support Code 5100 is an annoying error that indicates there is a problem with the ink carriage. Typically, something recent obstructs the ink cartridge carriage. If you are facing more error like – canon error code 5b00 , 5200 , 5800 , 5b00 , 6000 , 5011 , 5010 , e02 , b203 , … Read more

How to Fix an Offline Printer HP?

How to fix an offline printer hp?

How to fix an offline printer hp? If you have an offline printer hp and it’s not printing anything, you may be in trouble, because it can lead to more problems later on. It can be very frustrating to not be able to print out something as simple as an invoice or a shipping label … Read more

How to Setup Canon Printer to Wifi

How to Setup Canon Printer to Wifi Canon Printer can easily connect to their wireless network, through their devices without any need of entering a password. However, connecting to the devices and setting up Canon wireless printer is quite easier to do. If you face any glitches when doing Canon Printer Wireless Setup on your … Read more

How to get rid of ytmp3 cc virus ?

How to get rid of ytmp3 cc virus

What is virus ? is a website that offers a free service for quick video file conversion, especially YouTube videos that can be converted to the MP3 or MP4 file format. However, the dubious site comes with a lot of side effects. It serves many advertisements and collects a lot of personal information … Read more

How can i download norton internet security free ?

download norton internet security

Norton Internet Security is one of the most complete solutions to protect your PC. Norton offers industry-leading antivirus and device security, plus new ways to protect your devices and online privacy. Download Norton Internet Security and check it out. Download Norton Internet Security for free and check it out. To protect yourself from Internet threats, Norton Internet … Read more

can a ps4 get a virus

This is true that no one want virus attack on their ps4. Yes, you might get virus in your ps4. As ps4 is not a computer, but still it will infected by various things including downloading or streaming games from the faulty server or opening the infected message. If you want to know more about … Read more

how to clean up your computer so it runs faster

how to clean up your computer so it runs faster

Today’s high-tech, fast-paced world, if we have to wait more than a few seconds for something to load on our computer, we get frustrated and feel like we’re wasting our time. We all know how frustrating it is when our computers are running slowly. Not surprisingly, Business Wire reported that 66% of Americans say their … Read more

Can xbox one get a virus

Xbox One is developed by the Microsoft and it is 8th-generation video game console and along with to the original Xbox and Xbox 360. Can you get viruses on Xbox One? No, it is quite impossible to get a virus attack on Xbox One. This is certified by Microsoft company, so it won’t have any … Read more

How to uninstall defender security app?

defender security app image

In this article we will discuss about how to uninstall defender security app. first of all we define what is defender security app. What is Defender security app? DFNDR Security is a free Android antivirus and anti-hacking app that is a core component of the DFNDR product family. It is also a performance tool and … Read more

How to Add Exceptions to Webroot Antivirus

SecureAnywhere’s Webroot has been in the cybersecurity business since 1997 and today offers solid products for protecting the safety of your devices both at homes and workplaces. Its Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is an interesting and lightweight platform which users can fully test during a two-week free trial, but it means having to give up some … Read more

What is the best virus removal app for android ?

What is the best virus removal app for android ?

Best antivirus for android mobile phones If you’re an Android user, you need to have one of the best Android antivirus apps installed to protect your phone or tablet from corrupted apps and other kinds of malware. However, your options are far from limited. The best Android antivirus apps not only offer top-notch malware detection … Read more

Is antivirus software necessary for Iphone ?

Is antivirus software necessary for iphone

Antivirus for Iphone Apps that claim to scan your phone for viruses will not work on iPhones. That’s because Apple’s operating system, called iOS, doesn’t permit any one app to see what any other app is doing, or even to “know” of another app’s existence. That means you don’t have to worry about your fitness … Read more

ytmp3 video converter

Trend of Youtube video is increasing day by day. Almost every age group people spend hours, watching YT. This means that this become home to every generation. This is one of the best platform to share videos and earn money. There are millions of videos and music availabe on YT but you can not listen … Read more

How to download convert youtube videos clip converter cc?

yt cc converter image

Let’s talk about how to download convert youtube videos clipconverter cc and how YouTube clip converters work. Essentially, you need to look up a YouTube video, copy its URL link and paste it into the converter. The converter will then convert this into audio or video files. If you are traveling, for example, you can … Read more

What is the best antivirus for linux?

best antivirus for linux

Linux has become an increasingly attractive target for malware. Even more problematic is that some Linux users are being tricked into downloading malware, spyware, and adware that are being advertised as antivirus programs. this article we will explain about what is the best antivirus for linux. Some best antiviruses for Linux: Here we will see … Read more

What is the best free antivirus for mac?

What is the best free antivirus for mac

There are many antivirus in the world and they are all best but now I think Norton is the best antivirus. This we will tell about Norton 360 Antivirus. In this article we will explain about “what is the best free antivirus for mac?” Norton 360 Antivirus- Best free antivirus for mac Great protection for … Read more

How to Run an EXE File on Chromebook?

Wondering how to run an exe file on chromebook? There is the solution of your query. Read the complete step by step guide to easy your doubt. Without a comprehensive guide on how to run EXE files on Chromebook, you won’t be able to do a successful exe setup, and we are here to explain … Read more

How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer

How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Problems [FIX] In this blog, we’ll explain how to perform Brother Printer so that you can easily fix Brother printer drivers and other software or hardware-related errors. Steps to troubleshoot the Brother Printer problems We have listed some useful tips for troubleshooting your Brother printer. Follow these steps to troubleshoot … Read more

why does brother printer show offline

Guide On Brother Printer Goes Offline This blog talks about the causes of this error as well as its solutions. We have explained in detail the solution for ‘How to Fix Brother Printer Offline Issue’ for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Reasons why does brother printer show offline Brother printer keeps going offline due … Read more

How to Start Canon Printer

Canon Printer Installation and Start Setup – Guidance! In this article, we have explained the process to install a Canon printer. We have explained the setup process for both wired and wireless connection for Windows and Mac operating system Basic Specification To Perform Canon Setup Before beginning with the Canon IJ Setup process, keep the … Read more

How Do I Troubleshoot My Brother Printer?

There are several reasons that your Brother printer not working, including incorrect connectivity, outdated printer driver, and faulty configurations. Read this article, and you’ll learn how I troubleshoot my Brother Printer. Fix up: Troubleshoot Brother Printer Problems Check the Brother Printer connection Try to disconnect and reconnect all the USB cables from both ends. Note: … Read more

What is the best free mobile antivirus ?

best free mobile antivirus

The best Android antivirus apps provide complete protection to your Android smartphone from malware, adware, spyware and malicious apps. When our mobile phones became zero for exchanging vast amounts of information, these devices also opened doors to security and privacy risks. As such, users need to install the best antivirus app for Android smartphones that … Read more

What is the Best Laptop for Cyber Security

If you are in a hurry and need the best laptop for cyber security professionals then you are at right place. An ideal laptop is hard to find but it is not impossible. Although the user know what type of laptop requriment he or she have what does he expect from his laptop to achieve. What … Read more

How to change CPU fan speed without bios?

cpu fan image

Some Best CPU Fan Control Software We will cover some of the fan controls on this. Disc drive temperature and voltage readings are highly dependent on fan performance, so it is important to have speed control software and digital temperature sensors within the system. This will help you to monitor the fan speed and temperature … Read more

What is server and its type?

server image

In computing, a server is a piece of computer hardware or software (computer program) that provides functionality for another program or device, called a “client“. This The architecture is called the client-server model. Servers can provide various functionalities, often referred to as “services“, such as sharing data or resources among multiple Performing calculations for the … Read more

Some common classifications of computers

classification of computer

In this article we will describe about common classifications of computers. Some common classifications of computers are given below. #Classes of computer Microcomputers (personal computers) Microcomputers became the most common type of computer in the late 20th century. The term “microcomputer” was introduced with the advent of systems based on single-chip microprocessors. The best-known early … Read more

How to change cpu fan speed without bios

How to change cpu fan speed without bios

The BIOS is the only ideal way to make any user-defined system adjustments. be it fan (speed) control or something. But, for whatever reason, say, you’re not, or you can’t make changes there. And you’re surprised Was wondering “how to change CPU fan speed without BIOS?”. Strongly important is keeping the CPU fan working properly … Read more

Basics of computer

This article is specially designed to give you the basic knowledge of computer, so it will clear the basics of computer. What is a computer? #Who invented the computer? #What can computers do? #classification of computer -You can see the related topics from all these. #What is a computer? In this we will tell you … Read more

Canon Pixma Pro 100

Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Wi-Fi Setup Guide Some access points (often called routers or hubs) feature an automatic connection button labeled “WPS” which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup and allows permitted devices to connect to your network without needing to enter a password. This is the easiest way of connecting your PIXMA printer, so if your … Read more

HP OfficeJet 3830

How to Load Paper on Tray for HP Officejet 3830 To load high-quality printing papers on the paper tray of Officejet 3830, follow the instructions given below: After that, open the input tray and load enough printing papers in and align it according to the marks alongside. Now, try printing the alignment pager to verify … Read more

Brother Printer

How to Connect Brother Printer to Computer? Brother Printer is one of the top-rated printer brands which are extensively used by users across the world. It provides amazing printing features that can be availed very easily whenever you print something. It can easily access the computer both wired and wireless. But there are only fewer … Read more

DISM Host Servicing Process

dism host servicing process

In this article we will describe about dism host servicing process. Abberiviation of DISM is Deployment Image Servicing and Management. DISM is a tool used to service Windows images and fix various errors related to Windows’ image files and also to prepare Windows Pre-Installation environment. It is a safe process which you can see in … Read more