Canon Printer Error 1401

Canon printer error 1401 occurs when the printer does not recognize installed cartridges. This error appears when “OK Cartridge is not installed”. Follow the steps given below to solve this error.

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How to solve Canon Printer Error 1401 ?

Here, we are discussing the following steps for resolving this error 1401 :

Install colored cartridge for solving error 1401 :

Turn on the canon printer and take out the ink cartridge in a proper way. Print all the documents correctly by installing both colored and black cartridge.

Check cartridge code for solving error 1401 :

Install the cartridge properly and make sure that you are using correct colored cartridge. Use the correct cartridge codes according to model of the printer.

Clean the Contacts for solving error 1401 :

Printer contacts are important for communication which is made of metal contacts. It is needed for the user to clean the damaged parts using clean piece of cloth and cotton.

Remove faulty cartridge for solving error 1401 :

This error occurs when the cartridge is defective. For resolving this error resolve it by replacing the ink cartridges. Open the printer cover and take out the ink cartridge. Insert the new ink cartridge inside the canon printer. Try to print something and check whether the error is resolved or not.

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