Canon Printer Error 1259

Canon printer error 1259 occurs when the paper output tray does not fully eject. If you want to fix the error 1259, fill the paper in the output tray. If you are searching for fixing steps then read my full article.

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Causes : Canon Printer Error 1259

Paper output tray is not pulled out fully.

Resolve the Error 1259 by loading paper :

  1. There is no object obstructing the paper output tray.
  2. First, take out the tray and remove the paper which is stuck inside the canon printer.
  3. You have to select OK option on the touch screen.
  4. Now, load the paper properly in the tray.
  5. If you are loading a letter size paper then change the settings.
  6. Again try to print out something.
  7. If the error is not resolved then you need to be repair and replace the printer.
  8. Interact with the experts or professionals.

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