Canon Printer Error 752

Canon Printer Error 752 occurs when the network connection is poor or weak. This error shows that there is an problem with server. For resolving this error you need to check the network connection, SMTP server and also identify the IPs.

Before knowing the process of fixup, we need to know why this problem occurs and what is its reason. The main reason for this error code is that there is some problem with the SMTP server settings, the network connectivity of the printer, or the email settings.

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Procedures to fix the Canon Printer Error 752 :

To fix the error 752, Check Network Connection :

Double click on the network and find out the network problem by checking the connectivity status. Whenever the problem is caused due to network connection this error is popup. Improve the network connection so that the error is resolved.

  • Turn on the canon printer and click on the start option.
  • Open the settings > “Network and Internet” option.
  • Check the network status whether the printer is connected or not to the network.

To fix the error 752, Check the SMTP Server Name :

This error occurs when there is a problem with the SMTP server. The SMTP server is the determining factor in the exact email.

  • First, Check the SMTP server name is correct or not.
  • If not, then set the SMTP server name and also email.
  • Open the communication settings > subsequent options > Set the SMTP Server name & email.
  • Finally, you’ve done now try to print something and check whether the error is resolved or not.

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