Canon Printer Error 5011

Canon Printer Error 5011 occurs when the paper is stuck inside the canon printer. For resolving this error you have to check the jammed paper inside the canon printer. You can also check the paper feed of the printer to verify that there is no obstructions in the printer.

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How to resolve the Canon Printer Error 5011 ?

Here, we are discussing 4 prime methods for resolving this error.

Perform Power Cycle for resolving error 5011 :

  • Disconnect all the printer cables from the outlet and wait for a while to reconnect the printer again.
  • Turn off the canon printer and open the ink tank cover.
  • Switch on the printer and close the lid while the process is done.
  • Now, turn off the printer again.
  • Press and hold the cancel and power button simultaneously.
  • Hold the power button and release the cancel button.
  • Press the cancel button 4 times and release both buttons.
  • Restart your canon printer and try to print something.

Clean jammed paper for resolving error 5011 :

Check whether the bit of paper is stuck inside the printer. Carefully check that there is no object and piece of paper is stuck because it damaged the internal parts of the printer. If you find any jammed paper or piece of paper that is stuck inside the printer remove it carefully.

  • Open the printer cover and check the jammed paper.
  • If you find any jammed paper remove it carefully using your both hands.

Clean the Encoder Strip for resolving error 5011 :

Try to resolve the issue by cleaning the encoder strip and check whether the carriage runs or not.

Restart the Printer for resolving error 5011 :

  • Disconnect the power cord and wait for a while.
  • Power off the canon printer and open the printer cover.
  • Again, turn off the printer and press the ‘Power + Cancel’ tab.
  • Press the power tab and slowly free the ‘Cancel’ tab.
  • Finally, check whether the error is resolved or not.

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