Creative Cloud Meaning

Creative Cloud by Adobe, sometimes called Adobe CC, is a set of software applications for Windows and Mac OS computers. These software are used by creative, design, and marketing professionals to create content for print, video, and online distribution purposes.

What Creative Cloud is used for?

Creative Cloud can be used for almost any task in the field of graphic design, video editing, web development or photography. Adobe Creative Cloud applications are widely used by professionals in their area.

Creative Cloud meaning

It also includes applications for print design and newspapers such as the New York Times use InDesign from the Creative Cloud for this purpose, while virtually every major magazine publisher and new website uses Photoshop.

How to use Adobe Creative Cloud?

Following are the steps given to use Adobe Creative Cloud:

  • First, choose any subscription package or use a free trial before switching to the subscription.
  • After that install the application on up to two systems.
  • Then you can work within the application at your preferred time, even when you are not online.
  • Save up your files to your system or utilize the cloud storage accordingly that comes with the subscription.
  • At the next step, send links that contain the files to other people who can see or download them using a web browser.

What Apps are Included in the Creative Cloud?

There are more than 20 different apps included as an integral part of the Creative Cloud suite that can be purchased either individually or as a complete package. They are listed as:

  • Acrobat: It enables users to create, view and edit documents in the PDF format. Acrobat itself breaks down into two major components – Acrobat Professional or Professional Extended (both allow users to create PDF files) and Reader (allows users to read PDF files).
  • After Effects: It is a digital motion graphics and compositing suite.
Creative Cloud meaning
  • Animate: It allows users to design amazing animations by way of vector animation techniques. The types of animations created using Animate can be published to platforms like Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR, as well as in the HTML5 and WebGL formats.
  • Flash Builder: an integrated development environment used for developing quality Internet applications, along with cross-platform desktop applications, that run on the Adobe Flash platform.
  • Scout: This is a tool used to profile Flash-based SWF files.
  • Audition: It is defined as Adobe’s digital audio editor. Please Note that many of the capabilities of a previous Adobe solution, Sound-booth, have been rolled into the Creative Cloud via Adobe Audition.
  • Bridge: An organizational program that is used to link the various parts of Creative Cloud together.
  • Dreamweaver: A code/GUI web development application.
  • Illustrator: Vector graphics editor and illustration application. Illustrator is seen as a companion product to Adobe Photoshop. Illustrator can be used for tasks like typesetting, the creation of logos and similar fields within the larger area of graphic design.
  • InDesign: It is a desktop publishing tool, is used to create different types of materials like brochures, flyers, posters, presentations, books (both print and eBooks), magazines and even newspapers.
  • Media Encoder: It is a tool to help output video files into a required format.
  • Prelude: It is a tool for importing and logging tape-less media.
  • Speed-Grade: A tool for performing color correction related tasks on projects started in Premiere.
  • Dimension: It is a way for users to create and render 3D images.
  • Muse: It enables designers to build websites without the need to write complicated code.
  • Photoshop: A powerful image and raster-graphics editor. It includes many different tools that can be used to manipulate any aspect of a digital photo like painting, drawing, measuring and navigation, selection, typing and retouching. It also allows for advanced color grading and adjustments, cropping and much more.
  • Photoshop Lightroom: It is a photo processor and image organization tool.
  • Premiere Pro: It is a real-time non-linear video editing solution.
  • Behance: It is an online, social media-based service designed for creative professionals to help them build project portfolios.
  • Story Plus: A screenwriting and pre-production Internet-based app designed for use in film and television industries. Story Plus integrates into the other included Premiere Pro applications.
  • Spark: It is a series of visual storytelling tools that include Spark Video, Spark Page and Spark Post.

Note -Two applications – Adobe Encore (for video disc authoring) and Adobe Fireworks (a web-based image editor) have both been discontinued by Adobe, but are still available as downloads to Creative Cloud users.

In addition, Creative Cloud also offers mobile apps that are compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms. These include but are not limited to ones like:

  • Adobe Capture CC: It is used to turn an image into a color theme, pattern or unique brush. Capture breaks down into a series of smaller applications including Color CC, Shape CC, Hue CC and Brush CC.
  • Adobe Comp CC: This tool used for software layout and design creation purposes. Note that Adobe Comp CC is only available to devices using the iOS operating system, including both the Apple iPhone and the iPad and iPad Pro.
  • Illustrator Draw: It is a vector drawing application.
  • Photoshop Sketch: It is an application used for expressive drawing.
  • Adobe Preview CC: an app designed and used for previewing mobile designed.
  • Adobe Premiere Clip: a mobile version of Adobe Premiere designed for smaller, clip-based projects.
  • Adobe Photoshop Mix: It brings layer-based image editing feature to mobile devices.
  • Adobe Photoshop Fix: It is a tool for image restoration, retouching and color correction.
  • Lightroom Mobile: It is a mobile version of the desktop-based Photoshop Lightroom image editor.

Can I download Adobe apps without Creative Cloud?

Yes! You can just use the Adobe CC Direct Download Links to download and install any of the new CC (Creative Cloud) application(s) without using the Adobe Application Manager or Creative Cloud Desktop App.