What does USB C stand for

USB-C is a standard connection for data transfer and power supply via a single cable. The USB-C connection was created by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), a group of companies that has developed, certified and maintained the USB standard over the years. USB-IF brings together more than 700 companies, including Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft […]

Webcam Recording Software

Are you looking for a webcam recorder for the first time or are you an experienced user who wants to upgrade their new experience with this tool? The webcam recorder will not only help you record your time for others, but also allow you to store your precious memory. However, everyone uses different platforms on […]

Best Free Windows 10 File Manager

Almost six years have passed since the launch of Windows 10. Microsoft has now announced its new Windows 11 operating system. During these years, Microsoft has made great efforts to develop Windows 10. Many new features have been introduced. on Microsoft’s Windows 10/11 and also removed some tools. In addition to these features, the most […]

How to Make a Mobile Hotspot?

Let’s first know what is mobile hotspot? A mobile Wi-Fi hotspot lets you share your smartphone’s network connection with your other mobile devices so they too can connect to the internet anywhere that you have mobile service. Most smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone, have built-in features that allow you to quickly turn on […]

How to Use Snip and Sketch?

Snip & Sketch is a Windows 10 app that was introduced with the October 2018 Update. The app can be used to take screenshots (snip) and make changes to the resulting images (sketch). The Snip & Sketch app refers to screenshots as snips. The quickest way to screenshot Window 10 with Snip & Sketch is by pressing the keyboard shortcut Windows […]

Task host window

Task Host Window is a windows program, not a virus or malware, that shows pop up window when you attempt to Shut down windows. The reason behind pop up is due to the programs running in the background. You do not need to worry that your system will be damaged by it.  Task Host makes […]

What is Another Word for Control?

The process or act of managing, running or governing. We can Control or dominance over someone or something. Control is a benchmark by which something is evaluated. Another Word for Control Management Supervision Administration Charge Direction Guidance Superintendence Government Regulation Running Stewardship Governance Superintendency Operation Intendance Command Leadership Custody Guardianship Manipulation Mastery Sway Containment Check […]