Canon printer error E23

Canon printer error E23 is one of the errors that users have to face while using the printer. A Canon printer user may find it difficult to resolve it. Canon Printer Error E23 you can follow the solutions mentioned in this blog to resolve the error. Before taking a look at the solutions, we will take a glance at the reasons behind the error. If you are facing more error like – canon printer error 5b00 , 5100 , 5200 , 5800 , b200 , 6000 , 5b02 , E04 , e02 , b203 , 1403 , e05 , 6A00 , 6A80 , 6A81,  E14 etc. So you can help yourself by clicking on these links. Thank you !

Causes – Canon printer error E23

  • Paper tray is placed incorrectly.
  • There is dust or material preset on the tray other than paper.
  • Printer are cleaned properly by cloth to gently clean the print head, paper feed, slit disk, and other components.
  • Paper in the tray without any pulling.

Fix up steps – Canon printer error E23

Solution 1:-

  • First, you need to place it in the proper position.
  • If you see any foreign object lying on the paper tray, you should remove it and keep it clean.
  • The next thing you need to do is to check the dust or any material on the paper tray. If you see anything, remove it.
  • When you have cleaned the paper tray, you need to load a few papers in input tray.
  • Keep in mind that due to overloading the paper tray may cause the error code E23 so avoid the overloading.
  • Turn on your Canon printer and try printing a test page to check if the error is fixed.
  • If not try out second solution given below.

Solution 2:-

  • Turn off your Canon printer and detach the power cables and USB cables from your printer.
  • Also, keep in mind that the temperature in the area should be average.
  • Clean the paper tray and if you found any paper sheet is torn or stuck inside the printer remove it.
  • Remove the printer cover that encloses the ink cartridges and clean the printhead using a soft cotton cloth or tissue paper.
  • Clean the printhead and slit disk gently but if you see any problem with any other components, clean them properly.
  • Put all the parts back into the same position and now, reconnect the power cables and USB cables.
  • Turn it on and print a page to see if the error code E23 is gone.


Here we are discussing about the Canon printer error E23 and I provide you the best solutions that may help you in resolving. For getting more information about some other errors related to this printer click here Canon Printer Error 5b00 , 5100 , 5200 , 5800 , b200 , 6000 , 5b02 , E04 , e02 , b203 , 1403 , e05 , 6A00 , 6A80 , 6A81, E14 you can get information by clicking here.