Canon Printer Error E58

Canon printer error E58 occurs when the ink cartridge does not work properly. It is a most common error occurs in every canon printer. In this article we are discussing the causes and solution. Reasons behind the error are given below :

  • When there is an issue with ink cartridge.
  • Inappropriate paper size.

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Canon Printer Error E58 – Fix Up Steps

  • Set the paper size for effective solution.
  • Prevent misprinting by your canon printer.
  • Open the Printer settings and set the paper size.
  • Now, try to print something whether the error is resolved or not.
  • Change the settings or check the paper details.
  • Fill the right details of paper and try to print something.
  • You have to open the printer cover and take out the cartridge.
  • Then clean the ink cartridge by using cotton or piece of cloth.
  • Re-insert the cartridge inside the printer properly.
  • Turn on the printer and test a print.

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