Canon Printer Error Code 5100

Canon Printer Error Code 5100 indicates that there has a problem in ink carriage. The presence of this error code means that there is some problem with the cartridge carriage of the Canon printer. In this article, we’ll be looking at the possible causes as well as the best solutions you can try when you get this error. So, if you are facing the exact same problem with your Canon Printer, then you don’t need to be worried about it. If you are facing more error like – canon printer error 5b00 , 5100 , 5200 , 5800 , b200 , 6000 , 5b02 , E04 , e02 , b203 , 1403 , e05 , 6A00 , 6A80 , 6A81,  E14E31E23E32751P22P03752125916604120, 5010 etc. So you can help yourself by clicking on these links. 

Canon Printer Error Code 5100 – Fix up

Reset the Ink Cartridge:

  • Disconnect your Canon printer from the power outlet by unpluging all USB connections.
  • Open your printer’s cartridge door and place the ink cartridge.
  • Make sure the chip on the cartridges.
  • Press and hold down the cartridge for some seconds.
  • Hold the cartridge down and take out the cartridge from the resetter.
  • If you have more than one cartridge, repeat this process for all cartridges.
  • Once you’re done, install the cartridges back into your canon printer.
  • Connect your USBs back and power on your printer.

Clear the Jammed Paper inside the Printer:

  • First turn off your canon printer and take out the paper output cover of the machine.
  • In the “FINE Cartridge Holder”, look for jammed bits of paper.
  • Now, move the “FINE Cartridge Holder” to remove any bits of paper.
  • In case the jammed paper is rolled, hold it with both hands.
  • Once all the jammed bits of paper have been removed, close the paper output cover of your Canon printer.
  • The error 5100 will not be a problem now.

Clean the Printing Strip:

Printing strip is a white plastic material inside the printer which is sitting above the drive belt. You can get the Canon printer support code 5100 when the print strip becomes dirty. Fortunately, cleaning the strip is one of the easiest methods to fix this issue.

If it’s unclean, take a clean, dry cloth and wipe off any residue or dirt on the printing strip. Once you’ve done that and the strip is now visibly clean, close your printer and try printing again to see if the problem persists.

Reset the Printer Machine:

  • Power off your canon printer.
  • Unplug the AC adapter and wait for few minutes.
  • Now again plug the power cable back into your canon printer.
  • Press and hold the power and resume button to perform a hard reset.